Moab – The Ultimate Off-Road Playground

Moab – The Ultimate Off-Road Playground


Surrounded by red rocks, majestic mountains, expansive canyons, flowing rivers and towering rock formations, Moab is an off-roaders delight. Located in southeastern Utah near Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park, this popular spot for rock crawling and trail riding has over 30 designated trails for drivers to tackle.


Spectacular scenery is the hallmark of Moab. From stunning red rock formations and cliffs to unique arches and buttes, there is something to see around every corner. The unique red rock landscape of Moab is known as slickrock. The smooth, weathered sandstone has a surface similar to sandpaper. This makes it easy to grip when dry but when wet it lives up to its name, becoming slippery.


From easy backcountry trips to challenging trails, Moab has a trail for any skill level. When it comes to hitting the trail, you can explore on your own or you can go on a guided tour. Moab also offers options for vehicles; you can bring your own Jeep or 4x4 or you can rent one (we like Twisted Jeeps that offer Wranglers outfitted with Rancho premium lifts and protective gear).
Popular Moab Trails
Trial Length Driver Experience
Behind the Rocks 55 miles (25 off highway) Experienced
Cliff Hanger 20 miles (12 off highway) Experienced
Elephant Hill 178 miles (22 off highway) Intermediate
Fins n Things 25 miles (13 off highway) Beginner
Flat Iron Mesa 55 miles (17 off highway) Intermediate
Gold Bar Rim 47 miles (25 off highway) Intermediate
Golden Spike 39 miles (21 off highway) Experienced
Hell’s Revenge 16 miles (12 off highway) Intermediate
Hole in the Rock 60 miles (located 15 miles from Moab) Intermediate
Kane Creek 38 miles (20 off highway) Experienced
LaSal Pass 36 miles Beginner
Metal Masher 66 miles (46 off highway) Intermediate
Moab Rim 14 miles (9 off highway) Experienced
The Pickle 59 miles (26 off highway) Experienced
Poison Spider Mesa 37 miles (16 off highway) Intermediate
Porcupine Rim 32 miles (6 off highway) Intermediate
Pritchett Canyon 4.5 miles in canyon, 16 miles back to Moab Experienced
Seven Mile Rim 50 miles (21 off highway) Intermediate
Steel Bender 30 miles (15 off highway) Intermediate
Top of the World 89 miles (25 off highway) Intermediate


A great way to get introduced to off-roading in Moab is to attend the annual Easter Jeep Safari event. Held the week leading into Easter, the Easter Jeep Safari is nine days of trail rides departing from Moab, Utah. Organized by the Red Rock 4-Wheelers, this popular event has trail rides for all skill levels and includes a large vendor show.


There is no shortage of lodging options in Moab. Camping is popular but there many hotels and rental condos. You’ll also find a wide variety of restaurants and grocery stores for stocking up on supplies.


Each season offers a different off-roading experience in Moab. With the seasonal weather, spring and fall see an influx of drivers on the trails. In addition, the area is also crowded with mountain bikers, rafters and folks enjoying the outdoors during these times.Temperatures soar during the summer but if you can stand the heat, you’ll be rewarded with open trails. Head to the mountains to beat the heat. With average temperatures between 40°F and 50°F, winter can be a wonderful time to hit the trail. Wait for a day with no snow or ice on the trail for a chance to see a different side of Moab.


Ready to experience everything that Moab has to offer? Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind:
  • Research the trails so you know what to expect.
  • Don’t attempt a trail that your skill level or your vehicle can’t handle.
  • Be prepared – make sure you the proper supplies for yourself and your rig.
  • Consider going with buddy or group – can be helpful if things get interesting on the trail.

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