Daytona Jeep Beach Week – The Ultimate Jeep Party

Daytona Jeep Beach Week – The Ultimate Jeep Party

Party on the Beach

What happens when you combine the “World’s Most Famous Beach” with the iconic Jeep brand? You get one of the largest Jeep-exclusive events in the world, Jeep Beach. Held annually the last week of April at Florida’s Daytona Beach, Jeep Beach has grown from a three-day event into a week-long celebration of the Jeep lifestyle.

Jeep-Centric Event

Dedicated to all things Jeep, Jeep Beach is an opportunity for attendees to soak up the best of Jeep culture while enjoying the warm Daytona Beach weather. This popular event attracts over 225,000 people and 25,000 Jeeps to Daytona Beach.

A big draw is the opportunity to drive on golden sand of the world-famous Daytona Beach and to walk up and down the beach admiring all the rigs. A fun tradition is where a fellow Jeeper puts a small rubber ducky on a Jeep to let the owner know that their Jeep is cool.

In addition, the schedule includes a variety of activities that makes Jeep Beach perfect for the whole family. From the opening 5K run to the closing parade, there are events going on every day during the week. A highlight of the week is the Main Event Show at Daytona International Speedway. This fan-favorite event includes displays filled with Jeep-industry vendors and an obstacle course in the infield of the racetrack.

Family-friendly events like a beach party and scavenger hunt are on the schedule throughout the week. At night, there are concerts and Main Street is hopping with a lot of Jeep owners enjoying the night life of Daytona. There truly is something for everyone!

While much of Jeep Beach focuses on social side of Jeeping, the Cracker Ranch Off-Road Experience gives drivers the opportunity to test their Jeeps on a course consisting of obstacles and mud. The event closes with the world’s longest Jeep parade on Daytona Beach. With over 10,000 Jeeps cruising on the beach, this is a sight you don’t want to miss.

More than Jeeps

Jeep Beach is more than just parties and events, it’s also about giving back to the community. Over $3.8 million has been donated to Daytona Beach-area charities thanks to fundraising efforts during the event. The giving spirit extends to the volunteer force that works tirelessly to put on the event. This group donates over 5,600 hours of time during the event week to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Getting Ready for Jeep Beach

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