Do I Need a Reinforced Track Bar Support Bracket on My Jeep Wrangler JL or Gladiator JT?

Do I Need a Reinforced Track Bar Support Bracket on My Jeep Wrangler JL or Gladiator JT?

Carrying the Load

When making modifications like adding a suspension lift kit or installing bigger tires to your Jeep Wrangler JL or Gladiator JT, there is one final step that shouldn’t be overlooked. Before you finish up your project be sure to install a track bar support bracket. Bigger tires and lifts put a lot of stress on the stock track bar bracket on the frame side, as does flexing a lot. If it gets “ripped” or fatigued, road feel suffers and the Jeep can be very unstable on the road. This little upgrade is a must and easy to install.

Advantages of Installing a Track Bar Support Bracket

Lifting your Wrangler or installing larger tires on your Gladiator can push your track bar past its limits. Installing a Rancho® track bar support bracket can help your rig in many ways:

  • Distributes the load from larger tires more efficiently to the frame
  • Strengthens factory mount for off-roading rock crawling and trail riding
  • Reduces threat of failed OE bracket on lifted vehicles or those with larger than stock tires

How to Install a Track Bar Support Bracket

Installing this on your Jeep is a straightforward repair. For more information, check out the installation sheet that comes with each Rancho track bar support bracket.

  1. Park vehicle on flat surface, engage emergency brake, and chock rear wheels.
  2. Remove track bar bolt at frame side.
  3. Raise the front of the Jeep slightly and place jack stands on the frame. Remove driver’s side front tire.
  4. Use a jack and wooden box to hold steering box in place. NOTE the position of the bolts in the steering box.
  5. Remove the four bolts from steering box.
  6. Install the Rancho track bar support bracket over the track bar frame bracket on the Jeep.
  7. Install the OE M14 bolt through the newly installed Rancho track bar support bracket. Install the four steering box bolts loosely.
  8. Torque bolts down according to the chart below.
  9. Reinstall the wheel. Torque to manufacturer's specs.
  10. Attach track bar to frame side mount with supplied hardware and torque to specs listed in the chart below.
Torque Specs
Steering Box Mounting Bolts 99 lb-ft
Track Bar 110 lb-ft
Track Bar Jam Nut 150 lb-ft
M10 Support Brace Hardware 40 lb-ft
Wheels (Lug Nuts) 130 lb-ft

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